About SNHQ

Professionals at your fingertips with minimum 10 years experience. We pick up our phone and answer e-mails in real-time, understand the importance of effective communication and do the job right the first time. Ninjas never rely on second chances and nor do our clients!

Our Ninjas

Not your average web team. Our folks are the movers and shakers that used to make other companies tick. Now the best of the best work directly for you.

Our Clients

We have worked some of the largest, most complicated, Drupal sites out there. Fortune 500, Medical, e-Commerce, Universities throughout Canada & USA.

Our Commitment

We provide excellent and fast communication, attention to detail (budgets, scope, timelines), courteous and friendly service, facilitate solutions, and only hire the best to work on your projects.

Our Work

We have refined our skills over many years working on projects from 100 hours to 40,000 hours. We love what we do and it shows in our work.

Drupal Everything:

Drupal Developers with 10 years plus experience. Full builds to rescue projects and everything in between

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New York, San Francisco, Vancouver